facebook face

we jump on. we jump off. we scroll. we laugh at kittens and fume at political views opposite our own. we are stalkers of people we don’t know, getting a feeling of connection that doesn’t exist.

elijah told me there was a segment on Anderson Cooper that explained how apps were designed to be the most addictive possible. it makes sense. sometimes i hate facebook – seriously hate it. but i always go back and post my little one-liner. i unfollow people that make my blood boil every time i see something they’ve posted. i post pictures of my kids that get lots of likes and it makes me keep coming back for more. ahh, the love/hate cycle of social media.

i’m a little unsettled this morning due to the realization that for as many posts social mediai read that make my eyes roll, i know i’ve posted things that make other people have the same adverse reaction. i don’t want to be the annoying christian poster. i don’t want to be the one that makes people groan when they see my “spin” on their comment. what’s the point? do we think we are teaching the world something? how is my political, spiritual or emotional opinion helping anyone? is facebook our own personal platform to school the world?

it’s proven time and time again that we are braver behind the keyboard than we are in person. (and i get the irony that i’m blogging this) this bothers me, but i can live with it. it’s just the way we are and i think that has to be ok. it’s ok to be where we are. if we don’t feel brave enough to say it out loud during a conversation, but we do feel free to post it on facebook, then so be it. i mean really, we all do just want to get along. and those who insist on posting super political or hard-line, inflexible statement posts that just repeatedly make others want to groan – well, thanks mark zuckerberg for the unfollow button.

so. i guess that’s it. to each his own. just because it’s posted doesn’t mean i have to care, and just because i post it, doesn’t mean anyone has to care either. — i almost said “no one has to care about me” – wow.. and i guess that’s what it boils down to, doesn’t it? but our facebook presence (or any social media) doesn’t encapsulate who we are – it’s just our facebook face. it’s hard to remember, but it’s true.

C17-870756 - © - Werner Otto
Seventies, black and white photo, people, children, little boy, portrait, street kid, dirty, unkemptly, holds a stick in his hands and makes a face, aged 4 to 6 years

what is your facebook face saying today? 🙂

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