sparrow song music

Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience and transform despair into hope.

Brene Brown

Sparrow Song was born out of a place of yearning. My heart needed something my mind couldn’t grab hold of, so I sat on my back porch in the sunshine with my guitar and a cup of coffee by my side, and I sang… for years. I sang my pain, I sang my longing, I sang my joy and hope and need. And out of that place of unhindered, unscripted song I discovered truth about how I really saw God, the world, myself, and everything in between. And in the process I found God, I found out who I am, and I found healing. 

We meet once a month to sing our hearts out in spontaneous song, spoken word, story telling, poetry, or whatever expression brings your heart to life. Bring your journal and your voice and we will explore and discover together.

Sparrow Song is unique and is a bit difficult to describe, but what is accomplished is your emotion put to melody and language, helping you understand what your emotions have been telling you all along.

I could list all the things that it is not, but the best way to understand what it IS, is to come see for yourself. You are welcome and invited.

My first love is music – it always will be. There is something about the release that happens when you allow your voice to leave your body that is unlike anything else I’ve discovered. Let it Grow Stronger is one of my favorite all time songs I’ve written (and it happens to be my husband’s favorite, too) I wrote it to sing at a dear friend’s wedding – and I wrote it for my love – It is also about the deep intimate connection we can have with God. There is always more to know about the One you love.