Upcoming Sessions

Night of Songs Art Therapy Sessions
& Worship Nights

Sparrow Song Worship Nights are open to everyone to gather together, dive deep, and take a good long drink of communion with God and one another.

Night of Song Sessions are held at the Lincolnton Studio space, are two hour sessions, limited to 12 people. 6:00-8pm

Statesville Sessions hosted by Kambi Swan are held at the the Wellstreams Loft, are an hour and a half, and space is limited to 12 people. 6pm-7:30pm

Wellstreams Loft
1210 Davie Ave.
Statesville, NC 28677

March 6, 2021
Night of Worship @ Lincolnton Studio
March 25th,
Night of Songs @ the Wellstreams Loft
More events coming soon! Stay posted for details!

Night of Songs Cost is $40 per Session*
Worship Nights are free

Sing Your Heart Out!

Free, spontaneous singing allows your heart to speak out loud without your brain judging & dictating what you “should” be saying or thinking. Oh, the things our heart will tell us if we will only give it the space to be heard!!

Aslan’s Country is under my feet when I sing.
Our song is unfurling beauty of sound
and connection.