Hi, I’m Sallie Mosely. Here’s a few facts to let you know a little more about me. I grew up in eastern NC and a little in the mission field, the daughter of a southern pentecostal preacher. This painted my understanding that the world is a very small place, and that we are all similar creatures. We all have the same basic need and desire: to love and be loved. It has become my life’s work to explore and put language to engaging in the vulnerability and courage it takes to create the meaningful and rich connections with God and one another that we all crave.

I graduated with a bachelor of arts in communication with an emphasis in theater. During my time there, I started playing guitar and writing music, joined a band and dreamed of having a theater company one day – which led me to believe I would have a life on the stage… Twenty years, three children, a husband, a few records that will never see the light of day, and a couple of working manuscripts later, I life a pretty quiet life in the woods of western North Carolina where I spend my time writing words and music (sometimes together), engaging in connected conversation, continuing to research and learn about trauma, art therapies and inner healing work, and making my way to running a 10K. I have owned a photo and film company since 2009 and have been a worship arts pastor and minister, including speaking, leading worship services, women’s ministry and retreats, and pastoral counseling in various churches since 2000.

While in the process of pursuing my ordination in the church, I made the choice to keep my work in the secular field as a Spiritual Life Coach. My hope is to be accessible to people of all faiths and backgrounds, regardless of their particular beliefs, to encourage and direct those seeking guidance on their own journey.

What People Say

Sallie was so helpful to guide and encourage me in the process of healing from the past, but she never pushed or forced anything… She patiently and effectively listened to me, created a space where I felt the freedom to share, and each session ended with a clear direction on what I needed to focus on next. I had no idea that in just 90 days I’d be delivered, healed, and recovered. I’m happy to say I am now fully aligned, fully realized, and fully alive. I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I’m able to walk forward through life in confidence that whatever comes next – I am ready. 


My experience with Sallie as a guide, deep into the landscapes of my interior world, is unlike any guidance I’ve ever received in my life. Sallie has an uncanny, otherworldly awareness of the person in front of her, of their emotions, and a discernment of how to walk with them through those shadowy places. Sallie provides the sincerest, most authentic safe space that I have ever experienced in a connection. I look at my connection with her, and what she has brought to me, and it is on a profound level that I would not be who I am without her.


Working with Sallie has given me such new perspectives that help me make more informed and authentic decisions for myself. Her heart, her humor and her understanding make you feel like you’ve been friends forever. I highly recommend using her for that extra boost of confidence or guidance that she provides on all of life’s journey, wherever that takes you or for whatever you need.


Everyone has a story to tell. This is mine.

Heard enough? Let’s get started.