David’s Story

A life changing cup of coffee


Around March of 2020 I found myself between a rock and a hard place. For seven years I had been working on trying to fix myself as hard as I could – trying to heal from a gut wrenching divorce, a few ministry/ church related hurts and hangups, and an off and on battle with depression.

After several different therapy techniques and counselors I was about ready to give up trying to fully heal. I was leaning toward having to settle into a reality where my issues were a lifelong illness and I would need to label myself and live my life as that label, managing my issues but never fully recovering.

Then I took a leap of faith and decided to meet with Sallie. I had read a blog post she wrote called “Into the Unknown” and so much of what she wrote resonated with me. I had a deep, instinctual feeling that something in the way she approaches her business matched what I was looking for. I didn’t want someone who would give me all the “shoulds” and tell me what books to read or have me take a personality test and diagnose me based on my answers to the algorithm. No, I wanted someone who was going to be real with me, someone who would share with me, openly, their journey through life and what they did to get through life’s hurts, habits, and hangupsSomeone who actually lives what they practice. Someone who is the real deal. A real human being. Someone I could trust with my stories and scars.

I’m so grateful that I took that step into the unknown and made the choice to give Sallie a shot. I didn’t realize at the time, that in just a few short months I would finally find what I had been searching for those 7 years.

During the first 90 days I met with Sallie once a week and did the work. We got into the nitty gritty of my stuff and she was so helpful to guide and encourage me in the process of healing from the past but she never pushed or forced anything. She never had an agenda with me. She patiently and effectively listened to me, and created a space where I felt the freedom the share, each session ending with a clear direction on what I needed to focus on next.

I had no idea that in just 90 days I’d be delivered, healed, and recovered. I’m happy to say I am now fully aligned, fully realized, and fully alive. I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I’m able to walk forward through life in confidence that whatever come next I am ready. The echoes of the past are gone, I’m getting along well with my previous wife, and I’ve been able to forgive those previous ministries/churches that I had issues with. Depression symptoms are not only gone but I now fully understand why there were there in the first place. I no longer struggle with them and I actually have compassion on myself like never before. I get now why I struggled with those things in the first place. Sallie even helped me heal from some childhood trauma that was still affecting me as an adult and I had a few movie like moments where I was healed of things that had plagued me my whole life before I met with her.

So to say I highly recommend her is an extreme understatement. I encourage all who read this to to take the 90 day challenge!! Grab that coffee appointment with Sallie, and like me, it may just turn into a life changing cup of coffee. 


️ -David

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