Keep on Singing

Sparrow Song Studio’s – Night of Songs is a moment to breathe in a world gone crazy. We tell stories, share our songs, and hold space for one another in the safety and communion of sisterhood.

What We Believe

Emotions often seem like a murky sea, difficult to navigate, which is why it is so common to hear it said that emotions lie to us, that they get in the way, that we need to focus our energy on controlling and shutting emotions down.

Many people believe that the key to a happy, healthy life is to separate from our emotions. But this my friends, is such a destructive lie. The truth is, that our emotions were given to us by God as sign posts – or sometimes big neon flashing lights, to point right to the root of an issue, an unhealed wound, or hurt has been left unaddressed. If we will take a moment and notice what they are telling us, emotions will reveal the truth – of not only the root of the difficult things we feel, but what we really want to pursue with our lives, our passions, hopes, and God given desires.

The process of putting emotion to song bypasses our judgement of our feelings, and stops us from analyzing what we should be feeling and doing, instead of what we actually think and feel.

The beauty of song is that the melody reaches down inside, reveals what is under the feeling, and helps us see and understand what is going on in there without judgement getting in the way.

I bet you didn’t know singing was so magical 🙂

What We Do

The most often asked question I get is, “What is Night of Songs?” To this I always say, you just have to experience it and you’ll be hooked. Night of Songs is a group art therapy night where we uncover and move through emotional and mental roadblocks, and release the stress of daily life through song and communion.

It’s not a worship night, although we are singing spontaneous spiritual songs in communion with God and one another. It’s not a jam session although there is no set musical agenda. And it’s not just another ladies meeting, although it is ladies only and we tell our stories and connect in the most wonderful ways.

Come and explore the freedom and beauty of discovery through the communion of sisterhood and spirit that only a shared musical experience can bring.

Night of Songs

Sparrow Song is once a month. We meet to sing our hearts out in spontaneous song, spoken word, story telling, poetry, or whatever expression brings your heart to life. Bring your journal and your voice and we will explore and discover together.

Group Art Therapy

Art has the power to reach places in us that talk therapy alone just can’t do. Kambi Swan, LPC trauma therapist, and I are teaming up for sessions in Statesville. These sessions are limited to 12 participants, so sign up today for our next event.

One on One Sessions

I am currently taking new clients for Spiritual Life Coaching and One on One Sparrow Song sessions in person or via FaceTime. Contact me for details.


What People Say

I never knew how much I needed to sing my heart prayer until I experienced one of the hardest times of my life. I didn’t know it then, but I was singing songs over myself. GOD was preparing my heart for what was coming. There was healing in the midst of my tears…such freedom in my song.


I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but it was the bomb! So glad I came. Such a cool experience and looking forward to the next one.


Check out our upcoming events page for details. Space is limited at these events, so Click below to contact me.