facebook face

we jump on. we jump off. we scroll. we laugh at kittens and fume at political views opposite our own. we are stalkers of people we don't know, getting a feeling of connection that doesn't exist. elijah told me there was a segment on Anderson Cooper that explained how apps were designed to be the most …

Define Me! Define Me! no, but really.

guitarsallie. maybe it is the girl in the picture, clutching her brand new Taylor, with all the hope and passion in her heart that her bleeding heart songs would change the world. or maybe just that one person that showed up at the coffee shop last Friday night - October 1995. but i don't feel like that girl at all anymore.

The woes of a pissed off perfectionist

I looked my 11 year old daughter in her big round, brown eyes. I had called her into the kitchen where I was cooking supper, because i suddenly realized I had said a horrible thing to her and I had to make it right. In those big, beautiful tender eyes I saw fear and dread. I had done that. I had put that dread and fear in her heart that came spilling out of her eyes. She stood there timidly, waiting to hear what I wanted to say and my heart broke a little inside my chest.