Define Me! Define Me! no, but really.

so i’ve been thinking about the things we allow to define us. my blog is titled “guitarsallie” and i think, wow… i haven’t even thought about how wildly inaccurate that is.


maybe it pointed to a large part of my identity back in 1996 when i was in my 20’s and made my living traveling to tiny, remote, empty coffee shop after tiny, remote, empty coffee shop, playing songs that made me cry when I sang them. maybe it defines who i was when i made my first email address on hotmail, ( – still active, btw because we all need 150 email addresses) listening as the server screeched out it’s song of connectivity. guitarsallie. maybe it is the girl in the picture, clutching her brand new Taylor, with all the hope and passion in her heart that her bleeding heart songs would change the world. or maybe just that one person that showed up at the coffee shop last Friday night – October 1995. but i don’t feel like that girl at all anymore.

so i’m on the hunt for my new blog name. something that tells a little more of a story of who i actually am. sure i play guitar. have for 20 years now, but no, it is not who i am. i mean, i suppose if i needed to have a catchphrase that describes me, i’d be in trouble. i’m pretty awful at coming up with that sort of thing. big, long, drawn out, detailed expressions are more my style. i guess me and Moses have that in common 🙂

so, i invite you, my dear readers, to let’s make a game of it and put in your ideas for the new title of my little sliver of the world of 1’s and Zeros. and be kind. i bruise easily. well, not really, but be nice anyway.

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

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