Things I’m learning 

Things I’m learning (and some things I already know that I need to remember) 
1. We must have a safe place to ask real questions and say what we really think without judgement 
2. Fight or flight is not the way to live life

3. Words are fluid to some and concrete to others

4. We were created to follow desire

5. It is OK to be where you are

6. We need to be gentle and kind to ourselves 

And that is all I have to say about that. Carry on 🙂 

What are some things you’re learning? (Or remembering) 

2 Replies to “Things I’m learning ”

  1. “We were created to follow desire.” MAN! That is cool. Friend, I (hope I) am learning to look at our Creator and Savior instead of at myself and the despair around me. Even my lack of faith fails to compare to the allure of the beauty he created. On Sunday, our pastor spoke about how satisfied Jesus was once he rose (prophecy from Is 53:11 fulfilled), and I can’t WAIT to celebrate that on Easter. Jesus endured the cross because of “the joy set before him. (Heb 12:2)” And he’s so so happy to save us. We don’t need to feel one bit of shame. Thank you for pouring out your spirit in words. You are lovely and powerful and inspiring.


    1. “Even my lack of faith fails to compare to the allure of the beauty he created”… yes, let this be so! – and not even one bit of shame – that’s what rose up in my heart during worship on Sunday – no shame. We weren’t created to carry these things – shame, guilt, fear – I think what I want more than anything in this moment is for Perfect Love to be perfected in me. And everything you said is what makes that possible. Thanks Jen.

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