the currency of hope

“hope: it’s a currency that grows more expensive with time and with exposure to loss.” Sarah


i’ve always loved plants. and always killed them. after my sister’s funeral (a year ago yesterday), i brought home a plant – there were three different kinds in the bowl, lovely, petite pink roses and lush green leaves, bursting with life and color.  my past taught me i would inevitably kill every last leaf, and in my despair i watched them every day for signs of death – it was horrible, like watching my sister wither away all over again… and so i stopped watering it. i stopped trying to keep it alive, because it was so much worse to try to keep something alive and fail than to just let it die. but something unexpected happened. one of the plants survived. so every now and then i would give it a drink (because it felt cruel not to) and wonder of all wonders, it lived. IMG-2961.JPG

fast forward a year and i am looking around my living room at beautiful flowering plants, green beauties drinking in the sunshine… and i realize – this is what hope looks like.

IMG-2963.JPG    IMG-2962.JPG

We are worn from the journey, but thankful that the winter is over and the spring has come. #shesonlysleeping

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