the heart matter

we all know the scripture “without faith it’s impossible to please God”… it always seemed like such a looming thing. a you-better-have-faith-or-else kind of thing. but i propose it is just a statement of fact. it’s just the nature of things.

what the Father really cares about is our hearts. above all else – above sacrifice or ministry or any good deed – he wants our heart. faith is 100% of the journey to God. 100%. not 90 or even 99.9999% there is nothing that brings us in other than our belief that we are in. wow. how insane is that? when you write it down and look at it and read it and think, no, but… I have to… or certainly this must be a requirement… or…

but nope. we believe. so purely and simply we believe. we believe what the Father has said about who we are and who He is. We believe that Jesus was God in the flesh, came to earth, died and rose again to atone for our sins. We believe the Holy Spirit is God’s very Spirit on the earth with us, In us, working through us. we believe it. not blindly, but without seeing – we take Him on his Word. it’s faith.

very simply, what we believe determines the state of our heart. and since that’s what God wants it’s just very practically impossible to please Him if we don’t believe Him. if we don’t have faith.

ok, so that’s just the first tiny, little baby step. check. we believe. now what?

i believe that one day Jesus will come again, but what does that mean for me right now? i believe that one day my children will grow up and carry on the work of the Kingdom the Father has given elijah and me, but what does that matter right now when i’m sitting in the house every day watching my 18 month old run at top speed from one end of the house to the other like a windup toy on speed? i believe His promises will be fulfilled in me. i really do. so what? so what does that matter that one day this or that will happen. it’s not happening right now, it’s not in my hand. right now i’m just waiting.

and waiting.

…….and waiting.

then a tiny sound begins to resonate in my heart… down in the deepest places where God’s Spirit lives, and i hear a question swirl up from the depths — it’s not just a cute one liner, but it’s a layered, multifaceted intricacy of ponderings. knowing that i will give my energy and life to what i really believe in my heart, shouldn’t what i’m doing reflect all this stuff i believe the Father has said? wouldn’t it? my life follows my belief. if I really believe things are coming that He has said are coming,  if i really believe i have what He says I have in Him, then my life will move in that direction. if i really believe it. if it’s not just mental conditioning of what i “should” believe. if i say i believe I am a child of God because that’s what I was taught and I should believe it, then it will never be more than lip service that produces nothing. but if i believe I am who He says I am… it changes everything. I live every moment differently in light of that understanding and boy does that ever make our Papa happy. To see His kids owning the Life He gave them. It pleases Him.

so, we believe. (whatever it is that we believe) and out of that belief flows all of our energy, our goals, our focus, our work. so if we don’t see in our lives what we believe the Father has said over us, the answer is not to work harder to get it because work doesn’t produce faith, our work is the out-flow of what we believe. the answer is to go back to the heart matter. what is it you’re believing? (it’s pretty easy to determine what that is, just look at what’s coming out of you.)  and so simply (almost maddeningly so) everything in our lives flows out of that well of what we believe.

so, what do you believe?

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