thoughts on the sovereignty and safety of God


i recorded this in my little office on my mac… some time ago. over the years i have had struggled so much with the fear of being out of control of things that happen in my life – feeling like other people had the ability to shut down the calling on my life by their choices. for years the Father spoke to me the same thing over and over until i began to believe Him – that He is the One who raises me up, even the one that sets me down low – that He is the One. that told me i didn’t have to be afraid that someone could come along and not see me, not see what He had put in me to share and overlook or shut me out – or if i was in a low place that i didn’t have to be afraid that it was something outside of His jurisdiction and care and presence. Regardless of where i am, He is going to accomplish in me the call He put in me and i can rest in that safety – no need to push or pull or fight my way into a place and onto a path He already has me on. He knows the plans He has for me – plans for a future and a hope. hope. which means waiting with anticipation – and i can rest because i know that no matter what i see around me – even people’s attitude toward me – that He is good and has good things for me.

You can go HERE to hear more.

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