a new day

the things we long and hope for can seem less realistic than a trip to the moon. i know that sometimes the things i have dreamed do. so what happens when the page turns and there’s a clean, fresh space just waiting for you to write your life on it? will you be so braced from years of waiting that you miss the opportunity to write your heart’s story? will i? i don’t want to be. i don’t want to miss any open doors, opportunities for fresh starts, clean, fresh pages… the trouble we face isn’t in the excitement of a new opportunity. the trouble is often all the time in between – all the time we are to spend cultivating something that will be ready to put on the page when it turns.

i have tunnel vision sometimes on the here and now, but i have to lift my head and look down the road. that door will open. the opportunity will come. that’s not the question. the Father has confirmed that to me over and over for years. the question is will i be ready to step in when it comes?

i will lift my eyes to the hills. the hills hold promise. the shadow in the valley of every day stuff sometimes makes it hard to see – but i believe it’s ahead, so what will i choose? i choose to do what i need to do now instead of sitting down in this present darkness – i’ll lift my eyes and look into His – where all the promises over my life are held. and i will choose to believe what He says about me is true. If i believe it – i’ll get ready for it. i’ll both live it now and prepare for what’s coming.

ok, Father. i’ll put some works into my faith. let’s write some songs 🙂


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