Dear Papa

When you tell me things, does it encourage other people when i share it with them? Or does it put some odd heaviness on them because you revealed it to me and not them? I am excited about the revelations you share with me, but sometimes i think it just confuses people if i try to explain it – sometimes i think it even discourages them. What’s that all about? I can’t tell if that’s fear or wisdom. Funny how things can be so muddy sometimes. Does it depend on the circumstance, the person, the revelation. I’m sure it depends on all three. Sometimes I just want to encourage her so much – maybe i’m reaching. Maybe it’s when you told me something for me to be aware of – I don’t know. I struggle with the thought that truth and revelation always set you free. but… Jesus only said what he heard you speak – and it makes me think – He didn’t say every thing you ever told him to every single person he saw. He just told them what you were speaking in that moment – for that person in particular.

I was thinking again about James 3:17 – about Heavenly wisdom – heavenly wisdom would know when to speak and not speak and know what to say. yes. i want more of that, so that i’ll speak and act with wisdom and power and not just rattle off in my own desire to make someone feel better.

yes. i’ll take more of that, please 🙂

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