baby disasters, flowers and love

I’m sleepy right now. but true to form, i find myself not going to bed when Elijah is working late. so i may as well write.

today was my first Sunday back leading worship at my church. i love them all so. the morning didn’t start out all that great, even though (amazingly enough) we were on time and i even gave Leo a bath this morning – of course by the time we got to church the sunday curse had struck and he had completely soaked his clothes through… for the first time ever i must say. My babies only have blowouts and pee pee floods on Sundays (so it seems). I’ve come to expect and even embrace this fact. so why i didn’t pack him another full outfit, i can’t say. So my first 30 minutes back at the helm was less than awesome. I felt scattered and rushed – my baby soaked himself and we ran out of formula last night… so i had to time everything perfectly so Leo wouldn’t be hungry during practice or during church.. he ALLLLmost made it all the way though – but thanks to some amazing co-workers and friends I managed to get through a whole service – lead worship and nothing fell apart. In fact – it was really great to be back – baby disasters and all. It was good to be back and worship with my guys again – I am constantly blown away at what a gift i’ve been given with my team – all of them –  musicians and tech. It was rich and full today – and i know it only gets better from here… the promise of more resonates through the air and through my spirit. and all i can say is Yes Lord!

there’s much to say about this new season i’m heading back into – and regardless of how much it feels like i’m being shoved into it, and that i can’t possibly be ready to get back to anything more than sitting here staring at my baby all day – i am in fact NOT being shoved, and wether it feels like it or not, this is quite a smooth transition back into the world of commuting to Charlotte to be a part of staff meetings and the daily life of my church family. I’m so thankful. It’s wonderful to be loved – and there’s nothing like coming back to flowers and gifts to just bring home how much you’re appreciated 🙂

ok, so i’m too sleepy to think anymore – so i’ll go get some sleep before Leo wakes up… oh Lord, please let him sleep a good long stretch.

maybe i’ll have more brain power to have more to say next time. till next time my friends.

One Reply to “baby disasters, flowers and love”

  1. It was great having you back and God used you in so many was but personally it fed my soul and my heart did a happy dance!


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