super random

well, nothing quite as grandiose to say as yesterday. and if you’re wondering, that wasn’t about me – well not directly.

things with me, i’ve been a little more hesitant to mention. i don’t know why. really wonderful things are happening… and just saying that leaves me staring at the computer with nothing more to say. i think i’m failing at the whole blog thing. or maybe i just need to figure out how to talk about things without revealing all my innermost secrets. it’s always been a challenge for me to live in the middle-lands somewhere… to not be extreme. it’s so much easier to just open up and pour out everything inside – to whoever wants to listen… but inevitably i end up feeling like a moron… and that’s because extremes are no good. nothing wonderful or grand is born of extremes. sigh.

so, here’s the endeavor. to live life and communicate with the world at large (and small) in an effective manner. hmmm. sounds. fun. well, while it may not be the rush of being over the top, it sure is easier to manage the clean up.

well, it’s time to go cut my man’s mane. i guess it’s a tad over-due. his friends laughed at him last time they saw him (awww) and took pictures.. evidently he was fluffier than usual. hahaha. so – off to do a hair cut and rest. tomorrow is a big day. he won’t be with me which is a bummer… but it’s ok – i’ll manage. it’s just an announcement anyway. one i am very happy about indeed.

i’ll share more about it tomorrow. after the official announcement is made.. then i think it’ll feel more official to me.

so until then.

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