Catching up and Settling down

It’s been a while. I don’t know where i’ve been in my head – but i didn’t think it was worth sharing with the 5 of you who read this thing. I can’t believe the last post i wrote was waiting to find out if i got the worship pastor position at citychurch… well, i did. for those of you who didn’t know. and it has been wonderful and gut wrenching and challenging and life-giving… i love my job. i love the staff at my church. i love the musicians and singers. i love the people. i love.

it’s so refreshing to be in a place in my life that i know i am precisely where i am meant to be. i followed the path, i stayed the course… so far anyway. one week into my bran-spankin new job, i discovered just how fruitful this new season was going to be for me. i found out i am pregnant. …. moment of silence please……………………………………………………………. deep breath.

yes. baby number three. new job. renovating this apartment. trying with everything i have to muster up the nerve to finish the book i’m writing. trying to figure out why i stopped writing songs… there’s lots going on – but i am feeling the invigoration of fall propelling me to create again – to sing again – to write – to ponder. so i’m settling down in this new phase of my life and just letting you know – i’ll be around.

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