what happens when the thing you’ve been working toward and building for all of your adult life begins to take shape before your very eyes? what happens when you’ve worked as hard as you can, spent hours and hours and countless moments of sacrifice – literal blood sweat and tears, and when the next level comes to your door you still aren’t prepared?  not that you haven’t tried to be. not that you haven’t worked day and night… but the opportunity that comes knocking at your door is just bigger than you are. it’s just beyond what you can physically accomplish. it’s just more. what do you do?

well i’m sure the first thought is to scramble to be ready. try to make up for the lack that stares you in the face before the opportunity that’s bigger than you floats away, taking all the dreams of the next level with it. but how can we scramble to make ourselves ready when everything we’ve done up to that point has been for that purpose and it just hasn’t been enough. it’s just. not. enough.

here’s the thing. when it’s a Kingdom call, is it ever going to reside in our flesh and bones to accomplish it? would it be a Kingdom call if we could do it? if we could make it happen on our own God wouldn’t even need to be involved. no. i can say with assurance that we cannot – it is impossible – and why would we even try to accomplish Heavenly Visions by our own ability, resources and guts on the line. It can’t be done.

But with God…

oh yes, with God all things are possible. we just have to step out of those mindsets – we have to, or the absolutely revolutionary callings and purposes on our lives won’t be accomplished because we’ll keep trying to do them ourselves, never surrendering our hearts to the reality that we could never do it in the first place. it’s not a cruel joke. it’s not a trick where our Father in Heaven sits and watches us try and try and fail and allllllllllmost pull it off and then snicker and throw us a bone so we don’t completely throw in the towel. uh, nope. not my Daddy. He gives us these outrageous, unmatchable, unattainable callings and purposes and then He says, “Now, my darling – Let me.” and things we can’t even dream of begin to spring out of our bones and blood and sweat and tears… things beyond what we’ve ever hoped for or been able to imagine. Heavenly things. here. on earth.

So while it is important – even necessary to prepare, don’t be surprised or dismayed, don’t let your heart be troubled when the thing you have worked toward all your life comes knocking and you find yourself woefully inadequate. That just means you have been gloriously disillusioned and have no illusion of grandeur in and of yourself but know that it will only be done through Him. By Him. as He so generously takes us by the hand and shows us all the wonders beyond us – While that’s a bit of a frightening place to live (without the illusion of being in control), I’m in. Let’s do it Lord. You’re the One that set all this in motion and You’re the One that will accomplish it.

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