Dear Dr. Les Carter,

Dear Dr. Les. Carter, you slayed me today. Thank you for your ever gentle and clear reassurance that everyone deserves Dignity, Respect and Civility, that not everyone is going to be a safe place, but that we can be that for others. Thank you for your encouragement, Dr. Carter. In a world of sharp edges, you are a balm.

Check out more of Dr. Carter’s work HERE – he has more good things to say.

2 Replies to “Dear Dr. Les Carter,”

  1. I just discovered Dr. Les Carter only a few days ago. This guy is “Gold!”. Informative, believable, and very helpful.

    I wish he would do a video on dealing with a long-distance


  2. (continued)…narcissist/relative by E-mail.
    Imagine writing an email to “the narcissist” and when you get your email reply:

    1. 60% of what you asked or brought up in your email is completely ignored. Totally! Absolutely UN-addressed, as if you never wrote it…..or—
    2. Your response is a 4 or 5 word one sentence “robot” answer….or—-
    3. The reply is some off-topic side issue you never even mentioned and you find yourself asking what on earth does this have anything to do, with what I was talking about?!?…or—-
    4, Your original comments/email is minimized or ridiculed as rediculous and then the narcissist goes on to “educate” you with some snobbish “I-know-better” type of reply.

    This happens! So i have decided to stop communicating by email with that person, but still allow communication by PHONE. In email, the narcissist will argue tooth-m-nail as if they are determined to prove you wrong—BUT—-as soon as you have a point they cant disprove, THEN all of a sudden they want to “take the high ground” and they then say “well, we could analyze it to death but i dont want to argue anymore”. How slick. They didnt mind ONE BIT when they thought they had the upper hand or were “winning”. But the big thing is the simple NOT responding AT ALL to about 60% of what was said in the original email. Do they really read it? ASk 10 people—how would most of them feel, if they got email responses like those? I wish DR. Carter would address this. His videos are awesome!


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