just a minute more

i opened my eyes this morning and thought – NO! If anyone in this world knew just how tired i am then they would surely tell me i don’t have to get up out of this bed… ever. but then i think about my kids needing lunches made and that we have 15 minutes before we need to jump in the car and make the mad rush to school – so we aren’t late – again… and i will myself to get up. the world won’t wait.

i press the button, the green light comes on and the soothing sounds of steaming water running through the machine greet me and promise that it’s gonna be ok. very soon. and before i know it, the beautifully efficient engine of caffeine is rushing through my veins and i think – “oh, right.. ok, i can do this day.” another typical morning at the mosely home. this is my life in the woods.

and now everything is quiet except for the rain on the roof. it’s my favorite sound; that and the waterfall outside my window which is full and alive today from all the rain. we need these sounds of nature, like we need breathing. it does something to fill up our soul when we are weary and worn from living. these delicious sounds do their work of filling up the places we have poured out. it’s as it should be. we do our part of pouring out to one another, and the sky does his part and pours out on us, on the land, and the dry places are made fresh and new. it all works together.

like caffeine and my blood, it works together and does it’s lovely job.

i’m going to take a few minutes this morning and breathe, and soak in the sounds of the rain and water and let my soul be filled up. lately when i get quiet i start to cry, and i think, how interesting. i didn’t know that was right there under the surface. but it was, and if i don’t let myself get still and quiet, i have to keep shoving it all down inside – and then i get mean and nobody needs a mean mama on their hands.

so come on, rain – come and do your part in this lovely day. come, Spirit of God come and fill the space I’m making for you today. come on tears, come and do your job and clear out the clutter and let the pressure go. come on, sallie – you’ve got this day. come on, dear reader – let’s take this minute and let all the things that were made for us, work together for our benefit – the rain, the sunshine, the coffee 🙂 (if that’s your thing), the soft breeze…

the world can wait just a minute more.

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