uncatchy titles

I don’t think i’m a very good blogger. I usually journal when i need to process through something and often it’s darker than not. but that’s why i process it – to get through the dark into the light, but it doesn’t translate very well onto a blog and i have about 100 drafts that will never be finished because honestly, they’re just too depressing.

i have been writing since i was a child. songs, stories, the beginning of my memoir at age 13, yeah.. i have always thought i had a lot to say. but blogging? not so great at it. i’m inconsistent and can’t come up with many cool, catchy titles and if people aren’t reading it, I get discouraged and quit for a few months. so i have been focusing on other kinds of writing. currently, i’m in a song writing challenge (which i am not doing awesome at btw) and writing my novel. don’t be impressed. i started this novel a decade ago and can’t seem to find my way to the end. but i am determined to finish it if it takes me till i’m a little old woman with great grandchildren biting my ankles. i will finish it.

so here is to songwriting, book writing, blog writing and pressing on.

are you working on a project that has seemed impossible to finish? tell me your story, i’d love to hear it.

and happy advent 🙂

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