what I wouldn’t give for an ephod. 

Day 21 of reading through the bible in 90 days. Finished up the life of David and feeling oddly disconnected. Maybe I’m sleepy. Maybe I had a hard time keeping all the names in the stories straight, but David had a hard, bloody life. 

I don’t know, maybe if I took more time and read through it slower or… I don’t know. Maybe if I hadn’t found out that my sister is in such terrible pain that all her doctor would advise us to do is take her to hospice – maybe if anyone in my family felt like they were hearing from God about how to fight this damnable disease that’s slowly and excruciatingly stealing her from us… Maybe then I could care about king David. But right now I don’t. So if you are reading this and you’re the praying type, please pray that we will hear Him. We need to hear Him…. King David always seemed to get his answer. Moses, Samuel – all seemed to have a direct line to God – and here we sit with the Holy Spirit and the finished work of the cross and we don’t know what in the world He’s saying. Or doing. 

So that’s it for day 21. King David died and unless some sort of miracle happens soon, my sister won’t be long to follow. 

Happy Tuesday. 

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