Just get over it already and get in the shower!!!!!

I’m having my portrait taken today. I have been a professional photographer for lots of years, so I know the ropes. I know what is possible after the fact by way of “helping” out the image. But still – there’s nothing that keeps that camera from capturing exactly what you look like in reality. Or…  At least the reality through that particular lens. 

Why am I so scared of what I’ll see? I don’t really know, I see myself every day, I guess the idea of it being so permanent and it being used – a snap shot of time – to represent me to the world. Ugh. Over thinking again. Ok- here I go! Off to shower and powder and pluck and curl – and I’ll share the results at some point. 

I hate having my picture taken!!! But the photographer (not me) is exquisite, so I can’t wait to see what she’ll do with me 😊 

Right. No more stalling…. Off I go. 

Getting ready now. 

On my way……………


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