I’m good with simple

sometimes i wonder if it’s just my insatiable human need to fix things and make it all make sense and to scrap an answer out of the dirt that makes me believe the way i believe. i’m too tired to say much, but i have wondered this more than once today. but the conclusion i came to was this. what can it hurt? what can it hurt to keep agreeing with what I believe the Father is saying over my life and over the life of my sister whose body is being ravaged by cancer? what does it hurt if i just keep agreeing with Him?


and if by some chance it actually does release an unseen realm into this physical one we live in and healing and freedom are the result, then good.

what good is it to sit and just be scared and dread death? that’s no fun. i choose the former. I’ll keep agreeing with the Father. Let’s see how that works out. there’s these two things that keep me here.

1. I trust Him.
2. He knows what He’s doing. (oh and the third)
3. He’s a good Father.

too simple? that’s ok with me. I’m good with simple. that’s all for now.

One Reply to “I’m good with simple”

  1. I like SIMPLE too! I choose to believe what I feel God is speaking to me as well. What if I’m wrong?! Oh well I’ll never know till I give it a try. ❤️


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