Out of the Darkness

Looking back and re-blogging the ones that stick out to me. Here’s one for more reflection from May 2011.

Sparrow Song Studios

I’ve come to understand over the years that all of life really is about perspective. How we see things, through the lens of our experience and emotion and thought processes, determines how we interpret every single teeny tiny thing that comes our way – well, big or small… the events that our lives consist of all wrapped in the neat little package of perspective – making it good or evil in our sight. And we look at things and judge it so – good or evil – for better or worse. And because of that there are quite a lot of us walking wounded… We have gone into the places we believe God has called us to and set up camp to do “His work”… (also another largely misunderstood endeavor) and we have laid our hearts and guts on the table and ended up walking away beaten and bloody. I…

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