Go sing your song

I am a song. I also sing songs. There is a difference between just singing and releasing the song you are onto the earth. We have gotten very good at mimicking sounds we think are pretty so we will sound pretty. But i have wonderful news. There is more.

I told The Lord several years ago I had no more interest in people coming up to me after they hear me sing to tell me what a pretty voice I have, although I am definitely a “words of affirmation” gal and welcome any and all nice words – I just knew that the impact of my voice lasted about 10 minutes and I knew that wasn’t all there was to all this – I wanted an eternal impact – I mean, we are eternal creatures after all.

You are a song. You were created to sing over the earth and to the sky, the plants and oceans, children and grownups to shake loose the dead things and wake their spirits up to the Love of the Father. There is an endless ocean of noise out there that threatens at any time to drown you out. We have to be aware of this and keep our ears and eyes open to see and hear the voice of the Father so we can tune our song to His.

God is a song. We are made like Him. He is singing over us waking us up to who He made us to be. as we hear Him and song along we become more and more that original likeness. Take a few minutes today to hear His song and a few minutes more to join in.

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