alive and kicking

yes. i’m here. yes i’m very very pregnant. no i don’t have a brain. yes it feels like mush. too many things to process, some good some really really terrible. but i suppose that just is life. we moved. a month before Little Bean makes his appearance (give or take) and i’m settled… somewhat. i’m ready for my maternity leave from church – mostly… and now all that’s left is the big wait… that and i guess i should pack a bag and do some laundry. i should color my hair because i am finally getting maternity pics taken tomorrow. i should edit the pictures i have on my to do list (if i could sit at this computer for more than 10 minutes at a time) and i should pray for my sister. so many shoulds so little time. i’m too tired to do anything productive and too awake to sleep. welcome to month 9.

i just wanted to drop a line and say hi. and actually publish it. i keep writing blogs and not finishing them and not hitting publish even if i do. so here you have it. a little peek into my almost world. almost done baking this kid in my belly. almost set up in my new house. almost able to rest. almost feeling almost human some days… i guess it’ll be another couple years before i truly feel like my self again… but all that being said – i can’t wait to meet him. i absolutely can’t wait. and not JUST because he’s so heavy in here, or because i contract every time i stand up, or because i have to get up at night to pee. i just can’t wait.

aaaaaaaaaand my 10 minutes of computer time is done – the rock solid state of my belly is demanding i go lay down. so that’s what i’ll do now.

love to you all. thanks for reading. maybe i’ll have more to say soon.

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