and i would walk 5,000 miles….

So trick or treating it was. this amount of candy is just uncalled for. we walked, and walked, and walked… the bottom of chloe (the sugar plum fairy)’s bag busted out it was so full. that and she was dragging it on the ground there at the end. arden (Luigi) only ran screaming from one costume, and then next time he just froze till the kid with the creepy makeup went by. he knew it was just a kid in a costume, but he wasn’t taking any chances. 🙂  i decided to go as a pregnant person. yes. original, i know.

so i’d say our first ever trick or treating adventure was a success… if fun with friends and a mountain of candy are indicators. i’m about to fall asleep sitting here so i’ll post a couple pictures (i really fell down on the job with taking them – hahaha, although not literally this time 🙂 and i’ll be off.

So here’s my cutie pies and friends. Happy Halloween everyone. Don’t make yourself sick on all the candy. and don’t forget to Brush Your Teeth!! (geez, i’m such a kill-joy, i know.

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