sleepy sunday afternoon thoughts.

every Sunday i notice how hard it is to breathe. my voice is starting to falter b/c i can’t get enough air to support it. and i have THREE more months.. and a couple weeks. i gotta admit, i’m a little worried about this fact.

we’re trying to figure out what this little guy’s name is that’s taking up all the space in my mid-section. lots of laughs when talking about possibilities – but still no real direction. i guess we can’t call him Little Bean forever. i guess.

i have no idea what to do about halloween tomorrow… the kids want costumes, but living on a nature preserve it’s not like we have neighbors to hit up for candy… and the festival we have gone to for the past couple years didn’t happen this year… i don’t even like halloween. i don’t want my kids to care about it, but i know what they really care about is dressing up and candy. i don’t know. i never went trick or treating and we never celebrated “the devil’s day” when i was a kid. i used to be vehement about my kids having nothing to do with it, but then i figure, well – there are all sorts of fun things to do in the fall, and there’s nothing wrong with costumes – we don’t have to celebrate halloween per-se – Chloe made cards for “everyone” at church (she made about 15) and it was a Happy Halloween or Happy Fall card, for whatever people celebrate. She explained to everyone (i think) as she handed them out that we don’t celebrate Halloween – just fall. but we missed all the “fall festivals” and all that’s left is trick or treating tomorrow. so now i have to decide.

Anyone know where to go tomorrow around here?

Ok, well i’m off to the store to buy candy for Chloe to take to school. They are doing “candy around the world” and she has to explain what part of the world the particular candy we pick is from – and then everyone in the class gets some. I don’t think we’ll be short on candy if we just stay home tomorrow night.

so, until next time my friends – Happy Falloween. 🙂

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