Onions, tears and glorious transformations

No wonder we are compared to onions. if you cook, you’re familiar with the layers – the stingy, crisp layers – well the ones underneath anyway. The outer ones are thin and papery – they aren’t for flavoring anything, they are just to be thrown away. The layers underneath are the useful ones – that bring flavor and spice to our food – eaten raw or cooked, made into a poultice and  used for medicine – pretty useful stuff.

anyway. i’m no expert on onions (or cooking), I’m just thinking about how many layers we really do have. how we can reach one layer and think, whoop! i reached the bottom! only to have another deeper layer revealed – tears and all.  it’s nice that we get to plateaus every now and then. i guess we’d get completely discouraged if we only kept plummeting down without stopping to survey how far we’ve gone and what has been accomplished  by all that peeling away.

i suppose it’s a good thing to remember. there will always be a deeper level to go, always a lower place of humility to surrender to. it makes me long for Eternity, when we will be gloriously changed in an instant. no more of this trudging through the pain and eye strain from trying to see through this dim glass. perhaps i’m just tired today. Transformation just seems to take such a long time… then again – it was instantaneously accomplished – finished – done on the cross. yeah we could boggle our minds on that one for days.

thanks for taking us deeper, Lord. thanks for helping our minds and hearts catch up to what You’ve already accomplished, who You say we already are, the loving-kindness with which you lead us into your Light every single day. thank you for the grace to keep walking, running, fighting the good fight of faith – you know – all the metaphors that describe the perseverance it takes throughout this life. thank You that you don’t leave us alone. ever. thanks for not chopping through all our layers at once and sauteing us in a pan with butter. thank you for being a good Papa.

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