Ten Things I learned During my first Mile a Day Challenge

Today is my last day of my first 30 day mile a day challenge – actually my first challenge ever. That I gave myself. And my friend Cat very sweetly did with me. Ok, so in true “challenge” fashion. What did I learn?

  1. I need to drink more and more and more water (or I have zero energy) 
  2. Having a buddy really does motivate me to keep going. For realz. It has been good for my friendship with Cat. (yay, friends!)
  3. Even if I don’t feel like moving, getting out and walking a mile – even slow as molasses makes me feel really good. 
  4. I really love running. (which I already knew) 
  5. I like having goals. (And hitting them 🙂 
  6. I don’t have to make myself get up and put my shoes on to get out now, it’s a happy thing that I look forward to. 
  7. Body Glide is my friend. (like, my bestie)
  8. Running in the summer in NC is REALLY HARD!!!!! and VERY sweaty but it feels amazing, but running in the fall is a dream come true.
  9. There are some really amazing running communities online that help keep you motivated and connected.
  10. OH!!! I can’t believe this was the thing I almost forgot! The scale doesn’t have to move for really awesome things to be happening in my body! I lost 5.5 pounds total this month (which seems like nothing to me when I’m used to losing 10-15 in a month) – lost 5 right away, which I’m sure was just bloating, etc. and then hung out at the SAME weight for most of the month while I watched my body change in the mirror. It was fascinating. I’ve never experienced that before. It was pretty exciting. Then a couple days ago, I stepped on the scale and it moved another half pound down. So, clearly the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it is SLLLLOOOOOWWWWW progress on the scale, and that’s ok. I never really understood why people said not to go by what you see there, because the way I lost weight always made the scale move, like, every day – which yes, I know, I know, not healthy… that’s why I’m doing this a new way. 

Here’s a little before and after to show you what I mean by changes. It’s not mind blowing, but come’on, it’s only been a month. Ok, here goes…

not quite 30 days before and after – it’s 9/7 and 9/27 move the little slider to see the difference. It’s not earth shattering, but it’s still encouraging to me!

Why Run? For me it’s about whole body health – addressing body, soul, and spirit and not trying to fix all my issues only working in one area. We are not one dimensional creatures. We need to learn and practice building emotional intelligence for better relationships with ourselves and others, develop a spiritual practice that keeps us growing and connecting to God, and move our bodies in ways that make us happy and strong. Running is the joy I have found in moving my body – well, that and dancing 🙂 – so I am engaging all three aspects of myself: body, soul and spirit – to be strong and healthy all over.

What about Weight loss? – During my first 30 days I did watch my overall calorie intake, but I didn’t do restrictions, and while it’s not the lightening fast weight loss I’d like, I’ll keep doing this and see where I am in 6 months. My fitbit is a big help on knowing my calorie in and out for the day based on my level of activity that day – it’s a lot easier to make better choices that way instead of a rigid food/calorie restriction. I have a goal of losing 50 pounds. It’s gonna take a minute. Geez, at this rate it’ll take a year… but I’m not gonna think about that — moving on…

What’s next, you ask? I’m stepping up the mile a day challenge to running (at least) a mile a day, which the last 30 days was just doing a mile, however I felt like it. So I walked roughly half the time Stepping it up makes me nervous because I know some days are just really tired, crampy, sore, low energy, want to do nothing days. But I think that’s the point of a challenge, yeah? Do something you’re a little nervous about being able to pull off and then have mercy on yourself if you must be flexible with it – aka, injury or illness – (I missed one day this past month because I was running a little fever). 

Along with running (minimum) one mile a day, I’m starting my 5 to 10K app tomorrow, it’s the next step after couch to 5K. Which I’m scared to do… I just can’t believe I could ever run six miles… but just like my couch to 5K journey (which I completed during my mile a day challenge) I know the way to do it is slow and steady she goes… because I couldn’t even run ONE mile when I started this thing. So, run a mile a day and three times a week I’ll do a longer run with my 10K app. Here we go! 


wanna join me?? 🙂

3 Replies to “Ten Things I learned During my first Mile a Day Challenge”

  1. Not a runner, but after tuning in to you and your journey, and watching my own children’s love of running, my entire spirit desires to run. For now, I am walking, biking, and some yoga.
    Keep up the good work with running and blogging. You are an amazing inspiration, Sallie.


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