let it grow stronger

i find myself walking through walmart, through the church yard, through the hallway in my house, or in my car, singing this song. it just comes up out of me so I thought I’d share… because the world needs more songs we can’t help but sing.

i remember playing it for elijah for the first time. i was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was laying sideways across it to listen. i think it was during the first chorus that i felt it – heat suddenly rose up between us – it was the most tangible response i’ve ever felt to a song i’ve played. i’ll never forget it, that rush of pleasure. i am usually nervous before playing him new songs – just because i am – but right before i played this one i looked him in the eye and said – this is a good song. i’m not always sure if what i’ve written is any good, but i had no question about this one. and it doesn’t even matter to me if anyone else likes it…  it’s one of my favorites of all the songs i’ve written. i think it’s his, too, which is good, because it’s about him.

i made this little video in a friend’s living room in Chattanooga, which is why it’s called the Chattanooga take away… i’m horribly original.

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